#Anwensemkasa (Poetry speak) Prison – Tears of a prisoner



There were chains holding hopes Of innocent men who were molested in their own homes And see how evil men are smiling And righteous tighten to justice Tears of mothers walking barefooted On the canvas of desperation

And others enjoying their demise of mob action, civilians suffer lynching Who tells us that we are all victims of this prison that seems racism Faceless, heartless, fateless into the doom of injustice realm of poor souls

Death is a sweet taste looking for ropes Since bold men becomes coward to magistrates And words from poor suspected culprits are not considerate

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The determination to speak for a solid concrete Is not firmed to delete said ex convict to back space Oh pains of the sentenced alone Is like a wound bind with acid Mouth keep shut and the future is looking dark without sweet lies

That can handcuff men out of problems Many men, a lot of children, youth who knew nothing about the bandits of breaking walls to gamble with human life are sweating in the packed flesh of prison lodges

If Ghana is freedom and justice Where is the liberty and liability To even attest the law of my state Where Constitution was meant for everyone Not the rich who oppress the poor And can buy the law within his means

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If we are all citizens on this lands Then the King’s son is under the rule And the servants Ward should not grief behind the arrows of the regulations.




Atachie Richard Agbalenhrola


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