PHOTOS:Woman shared story on how her s*x toy nearly killed her


using s*x toy is now common in ladies to satisfy their s*xual needs. A frustrated lady has come out to slam a s*x toy company after a battery in a brand new vibrator she bought to pleasure herself exploded and nearly destroy her vajay.

Cassie Esplin is 25-year-old and she comes from Norwich, she Buzz Tongue Finger vibrator from online retailer for £4, reduced from £12.

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According to the 25-year-old, when she picked it up the battery pack, flew out with such force it hit the ceiling leaving a black mark, according to Mail Online sighted.

She said: ‘Thank God I wasn’t using it. It could have caused some damage. I jumped out of my skin I was in so much shock.

‘I just thought “oh my god what has just happened”. I was holding it close to my face and it could have hit my eyes. I could have been blinded by a £4 s*x toy.’ 


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