From the heart of a poet: Ebony Painful Demise



-painful demise-

Tears, pains, unpronounced agony
That walked on the pigment of hearts
Your death broke the Chains of men
And chew the Spears of warriors

This land became thirsty of sweat
And our body got washed
In the pool of bloody sorrow
In fact, your demise have left an imprint of sadness in the young and old

Oh Maame Hw3, Come and Sponsor us with ekupe dance because this death has falling antidote to kill the soul of music, call it poison
Obi mm3di me dwa, because hustler will put smoke in my eyes till I forever remember you for opening Ghana to the world

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They said Ebony is dead
They said she had an accident
They said her body has fallen on a different planet
They said we can’t hear creativity within a blink of a second

May your soul rest in peace Nana Hemaa
You left us with a lot of pains
And come and see the big gully of pains in my heart, which makes me miss you all the times.

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Rest well Ebony Reigns.


Atachie Richard Agbalenhrola


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