Donald Trump reacts to viral video of African lady joggling football.


President of the United State of America Donald Trump has reacted to a viral video of an African lady juggling ball in a highly skillful manner.

The video had been posted on Twitter some few days ago by a Nigerian man identified as Akin Sawyer and it immediately went viral gathering millions of views.

african lady football skills1

The viral video of the African lady joggling football which caught US President, Donald Trump’s attention, was shared by Twitter user @AkinSawyerr with the caption “Talent is evenly distributed, opportunity isn’t”.

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The video was retweeted by the US President with the caption “amazing”.

In the video, the African lady could be seen juggling a football skilfully with an unbelievable ease.

african lady football skills1

It was even surprising that she was not professionally kitted, as she was adorning blouse and a piece of wrapper with a Slipper on.

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Her case is a typical example of talent without opportunity. Hopefully the attention the video has gotten will open door for her.

Below was Trump’s tweet:


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