‘So your sense all this?’ – Social media users punch Lydia Forson

Her response to a question from a tweep on a trending video that captures a lady slapping a gentleman believed to be her roommate’s boyfriend, with flip-flops, for allegedly cheating, has got social media buzzing with comments questioning the level of her intellect.

Actress, Lydia Forson, on Friday, went berserk and lambasted Borla Bird, a gentleman who asked if she had sighted the video clip which has gone viral.

“This is why you should be careful of the nicknames you give yourself. See how you’re here acting like a Borla Bird and dirtying yourself by exposing your ignorance. Are you so stupid you need me to tell you it’s wrong for any HUMAN being to hit someone?” Lydia Forson, known to be a women’s rights advocate replied.

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Ms. Forson’s reply, attracted a follow-up question as Borla Bird sought to inquire why her silence on the assault has been loud.

He asked: “Then why are you not talking about it? I bet you if it were vice versa, you will be on here making noise, calling for actions.”

“Because in your tiny pea brain you’re convinced that your timeline is parallel to mine- that the botos videos you watch and jerk off to show up on my TL as well. That alone exposes your ignorance. Also, I don’t owe you my time, data or outrage, so GTFU BORLA BIRD,” Lydia


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